About donations

About donations

The Kyoto International Manga Museum was opened on November 25th, 2006, as a joint project of Kyoto City and Kyoto Seika University, with its Faculty of Manga. The museum is housed in the Showa era building of the former Tatsuike Elementary School and retains the appearance of that period.
The purpose of the museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit manga materials; to conduct research on manga culture; and to hold exhibitions and events based on these materials and research which are attracting worldwide attention.
The museum's collection of manga materials ranges from historical to international and consists of over 300,000 items. The findings of research on these materials are presented to the public in the form of exhibitions, seminars, and workshops.
In this world of rapidly changing media, the museum mainly collects and preserves printed material. To date, we have steadily been collecting, safekeeping and making these materials available to the public.
The operation of Kyoto Seika University itself has been limited by the declining birthrate and aging population, and the recent impact of the Novel Coronavirus has been a major blow to the museum.
In order to carefully preserve these valuable cultural resources for the next 10 years, 20 years, 100 years, and so on, we need your gracious support and assistance.

We sincerely ask for your kind support and assistance so that we can create a better Kyoto International Manga Museum together with all of you.

Donations through Kyoto Seika University

We accept payments from individuals by credit card, account settlement at convenience stores, internet banking payment, and donations by transfer to the Kyoto Seika University donation account available on the university website linked below.
We also accept corporate donations through Kyoto Seika University.

Donations through PayPal

We accept donations from individuals through PayPal below. Corporate donations will also be accepted through Kyoto Seika University.