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A huge sculpture made with traditional techniques!!

Object Hi no Tori (Phoenix)

Tezuka Osamu is a manga artist who made a significant contribution to the development of Japanese manga. This object is one of his representative characters, HINOTORI(Phoenix). It was suspended in our atrium in September 2009, and created by one of Kyoto's best artisans, Sudo Mitsuaki, who creates Buddhist statues with traditional engraving techniques calledyosegizukuri (mosaic wood construction) and gyokugan (spherical eye). It is a large wooden object that measures 4.5 metres (height) by 11 metres (width). This object is created as part of the "Utilization project for products made in Kyoto".

Venue  Atrium

© Tezuka Productions


Buddhist sculptor Sudo Mitsuaki (Kyoto Prefecture Buddhist Artifact Cooperative member)
Cooperation:Tezuka Productions, Co., Ltd.

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