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What is Manga?

“What is Manga?” exhibition at the main gallery on the second floor seeks to answer questions that visitors may have from multiple perspectives. It explains manga's history and social significance in each categories. In addition, the walls of which are covered in bookshelves that are filled mainly with popular and influential manga from the Taisho era (1912-1926) to 2005.
The manga I read somehow has a history, and the manga I read somehow has rules on how to read it.
It is a permanent exhibition gallery where you can experience such awareness and discoveries through the exhibition.
To learn manga and learn from manga, please visit this venue first.

Venue 2nd floor, Main Gallery


01Manga Media Chronology


02Manga Lifetime Chronology


03The Making of Manga


04Manga That Rely on Fundamental Principles


05Are Manga Artisits Millionaires?


06Is Cosplay a Kind of Manga, Too?


07Is Manga Read by People Around the World ⁉


08A Worldwilde Medium

In January 2020, the main gallery was reborn as the current exhibition.
You can watch the reborn scene in the video.

*Please note that the schedule and contents are subject to change.