Mechademia International Conference in Kyoto 2023 “Aftermath”


MECHADEMIA, an international conference focusing on anime, manga and games as main research topics, will be held at Kyoto Seika University and Kyoto International Manga Museum between May 27 (Sat)- 29 (Mon). Around 100 presenters from different countries are coming to share their research and opinions.

※All presentations and speeches in the conference will be in English.


Kyoto International Manga Museum
Room 1: Meeting Room 1 (Conference Room 1)
Room 2: Community Assembly Room (T's Salon)
Room 3: Gallery 6
Room 4: 1F Multi-purpose video hall

*On the May 27 (Sat), the conference will be held at Kyoto Seika University.
*Please come to check the rooms at the conference desk at the museum entrance on the 28 and 29.


11:00-16:30 (on the 28 and 29)

*On the May 27 (Sat), the time will be 11:00-16:45


Presenters: 10,000 JPY (includes full time professors and those who receive funding for participation)
Independent Scholars: 4000 JPY (includes graduate students and lecturers not affiliated with an institution)
Attendees: 1000 JPY (per day)

*A General Admission ticket to the Museum is included


Pre-registration required for presenters
No pre-registration required for attendees

*First come basis

“Aftermath” Keynote Speech
Calling Manga “Manga”: Media Specificity via Sub/Cultural Particularization?

Date and Time

May 28 (Sun), 2023 13:30-14:40


1F Multi-purpose video hall


150 people *First come basis

Speaker Profile

Dr. Jaqueline Berndt is Professor in Japanology at Stockholm University. Previously, she taught Comics Theory at Kyoto Seika University, Japan. Her main academic work is in the areas of Comics/Manga Studies and Animation/Anime studies and engaged in relating New Formalism to Media Studies. It has appeared in Japanese, English, German, and Spanish. She is chairperson of the Open Access series Stockholm Media Arts Japan (Stockholm University Press) and one of the managing editors of the book series Comics Studies: Aesthetics, Histories, Practices (de Gruyter). Besides, she directed the world-traveling exhibition Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics for the Japan Foundation (2016–) and curated the exhibition Manga: Reading the Flow for the Museum Rietberg, Zürich (fall 2021).

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* Due to the spread of Covid 19, the schedule and contents are subject to change, including admission restrictions and temporary closures. Thank you for your understanding.