© Ohinata Go © Akita Shoten
© East Press © KADOKAWA / Enterbrain
© Kodansha © Shueisha

What an OHINATAful World

2024 Mar 14th (Thu) – Jun 25th (Tue)

* Some artworks will be changed during the exhibition.
First display period: Mar 14th (Thu) – May 7th (Tue)
Second display period: May 9th (Thu) – Jun 25th (Tue)

Since his debut in 1991, Manga artist Ohinata Go has been a prolific creator of unique comedy manga in a surreal and eccentric style. This exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of his debut, featuring original drawings of numerous works, including his debut manga "Kokoro wa marine". Approximately 130 artworks will be on display in total (with some changes in the displays), as well as a digital prints of his most well-known work "What is your perfect way to eat fried eggs?", storyboards, and published books. This is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Ohinata Go which cannot usually be seen.

This exhibition was first held in 2022 at the Yokote Masuda Manga Museum in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture to celebrate Ohinata's 30th anniversary of life as a manga artist. For this new installment in Kyoto, we will include new and additional exhibits including from his latest work "Record Crazy Kid Kakeru". Various events related to the exhibition are planned: A gallery-talk event will be done by Ohinata Go. We will organize an event with Ohinata Go and Kato Reiko, who is the singer of the theme song for "Record Crazy Kid Kakeru". A talk event of Ohinata Go and Yoshimura Kazuma, a manga researcher, will also be held during the exhibition period. (All events will be in Japanese only) Please check out the Japanese HP for entry!
We will also have related goods on sale at the museum shop.

[ Exhibited works ]
"Kokoro wa marine" (debut work) / "Ore ni chimanako" / "Oyatsu!" / "Face guard Toriko" / "Special ability Abil" / "The kindergarten drill pupil" / "Fly in the air, Pucchi!" / "Inu no Juice-ya-san Z" / "Coresobee!!" / "What is your perfect way to eat fried eggs?" / "Ra:tino" / "Hoshi no sai go meshi" / "Record Crazy Kid Kakeru" and more.

“What is your perfect way to eat fried eggs?” ©Ohinata Go / KADOKAWA / Enterbrain

“Record Crazy Kid Kakeru” ©Ohinata Go / KADOKAWA


Kyoto International Manga Museum, 2F Galleries 1, 2, 3


10:30am – 5:30pm (last entry 5pm)


Every Wednesday (except Mar 20th and May 1st), and Mar 21st (Thu)


* Same-day tickets can be purchased at the ticket vending machine at the entrance.
* Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket vending machine on the day of your visit or can be pre-purchased online.

Special goods for the exhibition

Plastic folder (A4 size) with the image of the exhibition poster on it
550 JPY

Plastic folder (A4 size) with a character saying “Are you…a fool?”
550 JPY

Acrylic key holder (2 types)
880 JPY for each

Magnetic sheets (4 types)
550 JPY (3 types, small), 660 JPY (large)

In addition, there are postcards (10 types/165 JPY for each), Date Scroll Emaki* (limited production of 10 pieces, size: 10cm×4.8m/16,500 JPY) , and goods that were made for the exhibition held in Yokote. (All tax included)
*Emaki: Illustrated handscrolls in Japan

Purchase benefits

You can get an exhibition poster of “What an OHINATAful World” if you buy more than 3000 yen (tax included) worth of products related to the exhibition.
※There are only 100 posters available.

Special Menu for the exhibition

During this exhibition, at "Maeda Coffee Kyoto International Manga Museum Branch '', special menu items and an option related to the exhibition are available: Cafe latte with latte art of Ohinata's work on it (5 types/850 JPY for each), fried egg topping on pasta, and rice dishes

Ohinata Go

Born in 1969 in Ugo-machi, Akita Prefecture. Ohinata’s works include “Oyatsu!” and “Face guard TORIKO” both published by Akita Shoten; “Inu no Juice-ya-san Z published by Shueisha; “Ore ni chimanako” by Koei, “Ra:tino” by Kodansha and many others. One of his most notable works “What is your perfect way to eat fried eggs?” (KADOKAWA / Enterbrain) was made into an anime by NHK in 2014, and then adapted as a live-action drama by MBS in 2017. His new series “Record Crazy Kid Kakeru” is being serialized in Monthly Comic Beam (Kadokawa) from 2023. In 2013, he started to work as a specially appointed lecturer at the Faculty of Manga of Kyoto Seika University where he currently works as a professor.

Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center / Kyoto International Manga Museum.
Yotote Masuda Manga Museum / Yokote City Masuda Manga Art Foundation

* Please note that the schedule and contents are subject to change.