Cooking + Talk Event

Ueyama Tochi’s 11th Serving of Manga Cooking -Dishes for pregnant women

2019年10月19日(土) 19/9/27 14:00 〜 19/9/27 16:00

We are going to hold a talk show event with Ueyama Tochi, the author of “Cooking Papa”, a famous manga about cooking.
Ueyama will not only be talking, but also cooking during the event to help people enjoy manga with all five of their senses: seeing, listening, smelling, tasting and touching.

This time, the themes of the event are “pregnancy and giving birth” and dishes for pregnant women will be presented.

*This event will be held in Japanese.

  • Venue
    1F Multipurpose Hall
  • Capacity
    200 seats *First come basis
  • Fee
    * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required
    Ueyama Tochi(manga artist)
    Yoshimura Kazuma(Vice president of Kyoto Seika University, Professor at the same institution- Faculty of Manga)
  • Participation
    No pre-registration required

    *Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10am on the day of the event.

    *Pregnant women and their spouses and partners can visit the museum for free on the event day. Please show us a document that proves your pregnancy at the museum entrance to enter for free.

  • Organization
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center
  • Support

The serialization of “Cooking Papa” started in 1985 and this year, its 150th volume has been released. In the last part of the 150th volume, the author, Ueyama Tochi says “many people had wondered why the male character in my manga usually cooks when the series started. However, nowadays, everyone thinks that men should work on chores and raising kids as women do.” It might be no exaggeration to say that Reiwa* is the era of all the cooking papas.
With this background, at the 11th “Manga Cooking” event, we would like to focus on “pregnancy and giving birth”. The author will cook and teach how to make dishes that have been introduced in the manga, tailored to pregnant women. After that, you can also taste some of the dishes! We welcome both fans of the manga and families with pregnant women.


Menu for the event-


*Not all of the dishes can be tasted.

Signing session

After the event, a signing session of the author will be held.

*For the signing session, numbered tickets will be distributed to the first 50 people who purchase related products from the museum shop on the day.
*It is not allowed to get the author’s signature on other things besides the book that you purchased at the museum shop.


  • Ueyama Tochi
    Born in Fukuoka in 1954. He debuted as a manga artist in 1979, with the story “Deai~Hariku kun no Nikki” [A meeting – The diary of Haruki], in “Weekly Shonen King” (Shonengahosha). In 1985, the series “Cooking Papa” started in “Morning” (Kodansha). It is a long-running manga that still continues (the latest issue is the 142nd single volume in August 2017). In 1992 it was adapted as an animated TV series, and then as a live action TV series. The series won the special award for the 39th Kodansha Manga Award. At present (August, 2019), the 150th volume is the newest.
    Its serialization is still going on and the dishes featured in the series are all food that Ueyama and his assistants have cooked.
About “Cooking Papa”

  • ©Ueyama Tochi / KODANSHA
  • The protagonist, Araiwa Kazumi, is a salary man from Hakata, Fukuoka, who works very hard. Because of his stoic character and rugged looks, he looks a bit scary, but he is a very good father and also a very good superior to his employees at work. He loves cooking, and often cooks dishes he is good at to provide comfort to other people. It’s a feel-good culinary manga series of self-contained stories.

*Videos of the past events are available on Youtube. Click here.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.