Takashimaya Kyoto Store×Pokémon Center Kyoto×Kyoto International Manga Museum "Pokémon Horizon"(Vol. 1) Launch Signing Session

Yabuno Tenya Signing Session

2017年3月19日(日) 17/7/6 12:00 〜 17/7/6 14:00 
  • Venue
    2F Gallery4
  • Capacity
    100 people *first come basis
  • Fee
  • Participation
    No pre-registration required
    *Numbered tickets will be distributed to people who has the book or bought the book at the venue from 11am on the day of the event. (One ticket per person)
  • Organization
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Takashimaya Kyoto Store
    Pokémon Center Kyoto

Yabuno Tenya will sign your “Pokémon Horizon” (Vol. 1) as a joint project between Takashimaya Kyoto Store, Pokémon Center Kyoto and Kyoto International Manga Museum. There also will be the panel exhibition of the issue. You can meet Pikachu at the venue from 12:00 too!

*You can participate this event only if you have the book.
*You also can buy the book at the venue on the day.


《About the stamp rally》 
There will be a stamp rally being held between Pokémon Center Kyoto and Kyoto International Manga Museum. You can get an original sticker when you collect 4 stamps.
Details are here

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