Talk Show

There was a manga artist in Osaka called Sakai Shichima


To commemorate this exhibition, manga artist Yanagi Takao, who was Shichima’s “last pupil”, and manga researcher Nakano Haruyuki, the author of ‘The Legend of the Enigmatic Manga Artist Sakai Shichima‘ (Nazo no manga-ka Sakai Shichima den) which formed the basis of this exhibition, have been invited to hone in on the real-life image of Shichima.

  • Venue
    3F Research room 1
  • Capacity
    50 seats (on a first come basis)
  • Fee
    Free * However, a General Admission ticket to the Museum is required.
  • Participation
    Pre-registration is not required.
  • Organization
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center
  • Coorganization
    Osaka Prefectural Central Library
    Center for International Children's Literature
  • Support
    Nakano Haruyuki
    Watanabe Yasushi
    Itami City Museum of Art

Speaker Yanagi Takao (Manga artist) Nakano Haruyuki (Manga researcher)