Illustrator Kamogawa – Irodorareru Monotachi (Colorful Characters)

*Open until 8pm on 21 and 22 September (Last admission until 7.30pm)
This exhibition includes character design artwork from the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau project ‘Get on! Kyoto City Subway’ as well as the Kyoto International Manga Museum promotional character Karasuma Miyu, to be held in conjunction with the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2019 (also known as KYOMAF).
Please enjoy the vividly colored artwork created by Kamogawa.

This exhibition introduces approximately 100 vividly colored artworks created by the illustrator Kamogawa, including character design art from various enterprises such as the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau project ‘Get on! Kyoto City Subway’ and the Kyoto International Manga Museum promotional character Karasuma Miyu.

Original illustration for this exhibition
‘Get on! Kyoto City Subway’ Characters
©Kamogawa ©Kyoto city Transportation Bureau 2013-2019 ©KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA MUSEUM ©2019 JR KYOTO ISETAN ©Kyoto City Fire Dept.2017, 2018 ©DAIMARU KYOTO2018
‘Station memories (EKIMEMO) ‘ Characters
©Kamogawa © Mobile Factory, Inc.


We provide several goods connected with the exhibition, including some original goods.

visual book (128 pages)
B2 size poster (hologram pattern)
acryl stand
clear file


“visual book (with signature)” + “4 post cards set B (PW set)” + “B2 size poster B (PW)”

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Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Character designer and illustrator.
Kamogawa began working in the creative industry in 2012. After leading the series character designs for the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau project ‘Get on! Kyoto City Subway’, Kamogawa has since worked for the Kyoto International Manga Museum, and department stores including JR Kyoto Isetan and Daimaru Kyoto, as well as the Kyoto City Fire Department. Kamogawa has also led character design for the smart phone application ‘Ekimemo!’, and has been in charge of numerous corporate collaboration designs involving Hatsune Miku illustrations. In 2019 a poster for ‘Get on! Kyoto City Subway’ was exhibited at the British Museum alongside a display of leading Japanese manga.

Organization:Kyoto International Manga Museum / KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA ANIME FAIR Executive Committee

Support:AHIRUNO STUDIO/エイベックス株式会社/ エグジットチューンズ株式会社/NPO法人日本車いすフェンシング協会/華道家元池坊/株式会社岩波書店/株式会社オートウェイ/株式会社海洋堂/株式会社KADOKAWA/株式会社講談社/株式会社GK京都/株式会社ジェイアール西日本伊勢丹/株式会社島津ビジネスシステムズ/株式会社集英社/株式会社ディスカヴァー・トゥエンティワン/株式会社電通クリエーティブX/株式会社博報堂/株式会社フェリシモ/株式会社ヘソプロダクション/株式会社モバイルファクトリー/京都市交通局/京都市消防局/クリプトン・フューチャー・メディア株式会社/サントリー食品インターナショナル株式会社/大丸京都店/日本呼吸療法医学会学術集会/日本郵便株式会社/ピクシブ株式会社/BBDO J WEST/富士通株式会社/ロート製薬株式会社 (50音順)

About Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair
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