Maki Kusumoto: lines, words, between and beyond

Maki Kusumoto: lines, words, between and beyond

2021年6月10日(木) 〜 8月30日(月)

We are honored to hold an exhibition of Maki Kusumoto, a manga artist who is known for “KISSxxxx”, “K no Soretsu”, and the “Akashirotsurubami” series. By following the tracks of her work for over 37 years, the exhibition is focused on the beautiful world of Maki Kusumoto’s work, created in harmony with “lines” and “words”.

  • Closures
    Every Tuesday and Wednesday
    * However, there will be no closure days between July 15 (Thu) and August 30 (Mon).
  • Venue
    2F Galleries 1, 2 and 3
  • Fee
  • Online Ticket
  • Organizers
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
  • Cooperating with
  • Supervisor
    Maki Kusumoto
  • Guest Curator
    Aki Kusumoto
  • Art Director
    Kazunori Akita
  • Video Support
    FlyingDog, Inc.

This exhibition overviews Maki Kusumoto’s work that spans the last 37 years. Through carefully chosen words, scenes composed with exquisite lines in black and white, including book design, Kusumoto’s work shows her uncompromising attitude towards beauty. The aesthetic, decadent, and stylish world that she creates has fascinated fans from different generations and brought numerous great works into being. Not only in the field of manga, but also in other fields like fashion and music, there are countless artists who have been inspired by her.
In the exhibition, Maki Kusumoto’s dedicated work are on display. Besides original drawings (around 30 pieces), there are etchings, all her books, color proof papers with her handwriting on them, sheets of fax paper, and small objects that are drawn in her manga.

From “Ren’aitan” (1999)
©︎Maki Kusumoto
Etching for the exhibition “Two Decades” (2003)
©Maki Kusumoto
Illustration specially drawn for the video KISSxxxx (1991)
©Maki Kusumoto
Illustration specially drawn for the video KISSxxxx (1991)
©Maki Kusumoto
From “Ren’aitan” (1999)
©︎Maki Kusumoto
Underdrawing for a color illustration of the book Ikasama Umigame no Soup (1995)
©Maki Kusumoto
Color proof paper for the book Ren’aitan (2001)
©︎Maki Kusumoto
Illustration from “Ch11” specially drawn for the magazine DA VINCI (2000)
©Maki Kusumoto

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 Book accompanying the exhibition 

Maki Kusumoto: lines, words, between and beyond

For the exhibition, a book that shows the essence of Maki Kusumoto’s work will be published.
The book contains interviews with Kusumoto, editors and designers, and contributions by splendid writers including Hiroshi Aramata, the director of Kyoto International Manga Museum.

  • Published by Landschaft
  • Designed by Kazunori Akita
  • Planned to be released at July 15, 2021.
    *Information was updated on June 18th
  • Price: 2,200 yen (Tax included)
  • Size: A5 (128p)

We have special postcards for pre-order customers of the book. Please make a reservation for the book during June 10 (Thu) to July 12 (Mon) at the museum shop. The postcard comes with the book.
We will make shipment sequentially after the book published. (Japan domestic delivery only)
Or you can also receive the book at the museum shop.

  • two decades” Etching (Framed)
    Limited 20 editions
    Serial number and autograph of the author included. 66,000 JPY (Tax included)Sold out !!
  • Ikasama Umigame” and “NAJINAJI” Risograph
    Limited 100 editions for each.
    Serial number of the author included. Without autograph. 7,700JPY (Tax included)Sold out !!

In recent years, risograph has been attracting attentions in the field of contemporary art. They are made by a digital stencil printing method. Prepare screens which have tiny holes as many as number of colors, then print them over and over. On this print, 3 screens (for gold, black and white) are used.
*Risograph is different from lithograph.

Ikasama Umigame” Risograph (sample image.)

NAJINAJI” Risograph (sample image.)

  • Exhibition “Maki Kusumoto: lines, words, between and beyond” original poster 
    1,650 JPY (Tax included)Sold out !!

  • Exhibition “Maki Kusumoto: lines, words, between and beyond”
    original postcard (From “K no Soretsu”)  4 types 220 JPY each (tax included)Sold out !!

  • Tote bag  3,960JPY (Tax included)  NEW 8/1~

  • Also, other books are on sales.

*More information will be announced later on MM twitter.

Artist Profile

Maki Kusumoto

She debuted as a professional manga artist in Weekly Margaret at the age of 16. Since then, she has gained an enthusiastic following with various works, such as “KISSxxxx” (Shueisha), “K no Soretsu” (Shueisha), and “Chishiryo Dolis” (Shodensha). In 2020, a new book Akashirotsurubami Ura/Kasei wa sabi de dekiteite akai no da (Shueisha) was published. Her books have also been published in France, Italy, the United States and Korea. She lives in the UK.


*Due to the spread of COVID-19, the schedule and content of the exhibition and museum closure can change. Thank you for your understanding.