Under the supervision of Keiko Takemiya The Genga'(Dash) Exhibition Series

“Between Illusion and Reality” related event

Part 1: 1-2 pm
Part 2: 2.15-4pm
*This event will be held in Japanese.

After the events, there will be autograph sessions with Hatsu Akiko and Takemiya Keiko!!

  • Venue
    1F Multipurpose Hall
  • Fee
  • Speakers
    Hatsu Akiko (Manga artist) part 1&2
    Sagawa Toshihiko (Ex. chief editor of "JUNE") part 2 only
    Takemiya Keiko (Manga artist) part 2 only
  • Capacity
    200 people (first come basis)
    Autograph session50 people/each artists (first come basis)
  • Participation
    No pre-registration required
    *Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10am on the day of the event.
    (One ticket per person)
  • Organization
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center
  • Support
    Tranquilizer Project

Part 1Talk show “Hatsu Akiko’s visit to the UK”

Hatsu Akiko, one of the artists whose works are exhibited at the exhibition, will talk about her first trip to the UK and a Genga’ (Dash) exhibition there.

Part 2Hatsu Akiko×Sagawa Toshihiko×Takemiya Keiko Talk show “From JUNE to Yaoi”

Hatsu Akiko, whose work is on exhibit, Sagawa Toshihiko, the chief editor of the magazine “JUNE”, and Takemiya Keiko, the leader of the Genga’ (Dash) exhibition, will participate in a talk show event. They will discuss from their experience how Boys’ Love (BL) and Yaoi, which have numerous enthusiasts nowadays, have become settled genres.

About the autograph sessions after the events

Tickets for the autograph sessions will be provided from 10 am on the day of the event to people who bought a book that is on the following list. (50 people for each session, first-come basis)

Book list

    【Takemiya Keiko】

  • “Kamino Kohitsuji Agnus Dei” New edition 1~3, ¥1,800 + Tax
  • ”Takemiya Keiko Kaleidoscope” ¥2,000 + Tax
  • “Shonen no na wa Gilbert” ¥1,400 + Tax

    【Hatsu Akiko】

  • “Uryudo Dream Tales” 11 (Paperback edition) ¥620 + Tax
  • “Furuginuya monyocho” 3 ¥800+Tax
  • “Hatsu Akiko Selection” 1~4
    “Kyoka mugen”, “Botan toro”, “Enjakuan yobanashi” “Shurin no ki” Each ¥780 + Tax
  • Collection of Hatsu Akiko “Mangekyo” ¥2,000 + Tax

*You can only get one ticket for each artist.
*Autographs are only available on books that are on the list above. Other kinds of books or papers will not be accepted.


Hatsu Akiko
Born in Ishikawa prefecture, Hatsu first worked as assistant to her manga artist sister, Kai Yukiko, then after Kai’s death, Hatsu later debuted in ALLAN in 1981 with ‘Nami no banka’ (Elegy of the waves). She published works in Grapefruit, Petit Flower, and other ladies’ magazines, and currently works primarily for Nemuki and Flowers.
Her seminal works, which include ‘Uruwashi no Eikoku shirizu’ (Beautiful England series) and ‘Uryudo yume banashi’ (Uryudo dream tales), are highly acclaimed for their unique world view and brilliant style, as they move back and forth between typical Japanese elements and foreign atmosphere, and the worlds of fantasy and reality.


Takemiya Keiko
Born in Tokushima prefecture in 1950. Takemiya won COM magazine’s New Comer of the Month Prize in 1967, and the next year debuted professionally with ‘Ringo no tsumi’ (Sin of the apple) in Weekly Margaret Supplement. As a member of the Year 24 Flower Group, a group of artist many of whom were born in Showa 24 (1949), she became a leader in girls manga for a new generation, and in 1979 she won the Shogakukan Manga Award in recognition of her works ‘Kaze to ki no uta’ (The Poem of Wind and Trees) and ‘Terra e…’ (To Terra…). She took up a professorship at Kyoto Seika University in 2000, and is presently university president of the same institution, working to train the next generation of talent.

「恋人達の時間」(「私を月まで連れてって!」より) ©竹宮惠子

Sagawa Toshihiko
Sagawa Toshihiko is an editor and a writer as well. He created the magazines “JUNE” and
“Novel JUNE”, which became the origin of the word “JUNE-like”. He has also worked for “Fujimi Orchestra series” (Drama CD), “Shiozawa Kaneto MEMORIAL” (Voice actor CD), “Ai no Kusabi” and other publications as an editor and a producer.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.