Related event for the “FECO JAPAN Cartoon Exhibition”

Single-panel manga classroom

2017年3月4日(土), 3月5日(日) 17/7/7 13:30 〜 17/7/7 15:00, 17/7/7 16:00 〜 17/7/7 17:30

This manga classroom event will feature artists whose work is showcased in the “FECO JAPAN Cartoon Exhibition.”


They will explain satirical manga, known as cartoons, while showing concrete examples such as current affairs manga, nonsense manga, and single-panel manga, etc.
After that, participants will draw a single-panel manga that uses news of the day or a topical subject as its theme. While we introduce fascinating artwork, you will learn the technique of how to turn an idea into a picture.

-Artist Instructors-
Shinohara Yukio, Yanagi Takao, Yoshida Yoshiaki, Tanabe Tai, and others.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.