"Big Comic’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition – Big footprints from half a century" related event

‘Sheet of sound’ on the page – Ishizuka Shinichi and Saso Akira Talk Session

2018年6月9日(土) 18/5/27 14:00 〜 18/5/27 15:00
  • Venue
    1F Multi-purpose video hall
  • Capacity
    200 people *first come basis
  • Fee
  • Artists

    Ishizuka Shinichi(Manga artist, "BLUE GIANT" "BLUE GIANT SUPREME")
    Saso Akira(Manga artist/ Kyoto Seika University Professor, "Shindo" "Maesutoro" "Myujikofiria")

  • Participation
    No pre-registration required
    *Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10am on the day of the event.

BLUE GIANT and its sequel BLUE GIANT SUPREME, which depict youth interwoven with fervid, intense jazz performances on the page, started serialization in Big Comic in 2013. It has been in the spotlight for resonated with a broad range of readers as well as winning the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award and the 20th Japan Media Arts Festivals’ Grand Prize for Manga. These works exemplify the current progressiveness of Big Comic, and we are pleased to host their creator Ishizuka Shinichi, in conversation with Saso Akira, who is known for classical music themed works such as Shindo (Prodigy), Maesutoro (Maestro) and Myujikofiria (Musico-philia). Please look forward to the interplay of dialogue between these two artists on how to depict ‘sound’ and ‘music’ on the page as manga.


*This event will be held in Japanese.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.