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2017/9/16(Sat) 〜 11/19(Sun)
With the increasingly popular ‘food manga’ “Cooking Papa” by Ueyama Tochi currently in its 33rd year of serialization, the Kyoto International Manga Museum is honored to hold an exhibition showcasing original artwork from the series.
Ueyama Tochi’s “Cooking Papa” is a food manga that began serialization in 1985 in “Morning” (Kodansha), and over its 30 years has depicted the human connections that exist through food and the enjoyment of food.
This exhibition highlights how this popular manga has been shaped over ‘time’ and ‘space’ – with the flow of time within the series running parallel to its long-term serialization period, and the protagonist travelling domestically and abroad to encounter local cuisine and people.
In addition to observing this evolution through the exhibition, we also showcase valuable original artwork.
This exhibition is held as a part of the project of “Culture City of East Asia 2017, Kyoto” that aims intercultural communication between Japan, China and South Korea organized by Agency of Cultural Affairs Government of Japan and Kyoto city.

  • Closures
    Every Wednesday
    Oct. 8 (Sun.)
    Dec. 28(Thu.) - Jan. 4 (Thu.)
  • Venue
    2F Gallery 1, 2, 3
  • Fee
  • Organization
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center
    Executive Committee of “Culture City of East Asia 2017, Kyoto” (First period of the exhibition)
    Kyoto city (First period of the exhibition)
    *First period of the exhibition is held as a part of the project of “Culture City of East Asia 2017, Kyoto”.
    *This exhibition is held as a related event for the "Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017" on September 16th and 17th
  • Support
    Ueyama Production

The exhibition consists of 2 parts, showcasing “Cooking Papa” original artwork (about 150 items), books, and other materials, while also analyzing and explaining the drawing process and character relationships.

  • Changsha, China edition / Daegu, South Korea edition

    This exhibition is held as part of the ‘Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto’ project, organized by the Agency of Cultural Affairs Government of Japan – Kyoto City office for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange between Japan, China, and Korea. Prior to the exhibition, the author Ueyama Tochi visited the exchange cities of Changsha in China and Daegu in South Korea, to research local home-cooking at its source, as well as specialty dishes, and so on.
    Some of the information he gathered, was immediately used in the “Cooking Papa” series, and in this part of the exhibition we introduce original artwork from the manga alongside illustrative photographs of the data collection, allowing us to see the charms of both locations as cultural cuisine cities.

  • Manga cooking edition

    Every year since 2008 the Manga Museum has invited Mr Ueyama to cook dishes featured in “Cooking Papa” and eat them with participants in ‘Ueyama Tochi’s Manga Cooking’, a fun event to enjoy sounds, scents, and talking.
    In this part of the exhibition we follow the themes of the previous 9 servings of Manga Cooking, introducing the cooked dishes and original artwork from the manga that they were featured in.

[First period of the exhibition] Sep. 16- Nov. 19, 2017
[Second period of the exhibition] Nov. 23, 2017- Jan. 14, 2018

* Some exhibits will change between 1st period and 2nd period.

-Additional content-
In the Manga Museum’s permanent display corner ‘Special feature shelves: M-Navi for when in doubt’ we have selected volumes of ‘food manga’ related to the exhibition for you to read.

Exhibition photos


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Collaborated dishes are available at the museum cafe MM from December 14-January 14. Special place sheet with a recipe will be served with your meal!

-ONIGIRAZU (with Miso soup) 680yen (inc. tax)
-TACO RICE IN MAKOTO STYLE 800yen (inc. tax)
-SOFT DRINK CACTAILS (3 kinds) 500yen each (inc. tax)
 Beautie Snow (Dec. 14-21)
 Papa Mix Special (Dec. 22- Jan. 6)
 Decopon’s Cinderella (Jan. 7-14)


  • Ueyama Tochi
    Born in Fukuoka in 1954. He debuted as a manga artist in 1979, with the story “Deai~Hariku kun no Nikki” [A meeting – The diary of Haruki], in “Weekly Shonen King” (Shonengahosha). In 1985, the series “Cooking Papa” started in “Morning” (Kodansha). It is a long-running manga that still continues (the latest issue is the 142nd single volume in August 2017). In 1992 it was adapted as an animated TV series, and then as a live action TV series. The series won the special award for the 39th Kodansha Manga Award.
About “Cooking Papa”

  • ©うえやまとち/講談社
  • The protagonist, Araiwa Kazumi, is a salary man from Hakata, Fukuoka, who works very hard. Because of his stoic character and rugged looks, he looks a bit scary, but he is a very good father and also a very good superior to his employees at work. He loves cooking, and often cooks dishes he is good at to provide comfort to other people. It’s a feel-good culinary manga series of self-contained stories.
About Culture City of East Asia project

The Culture City of East Asia project is a three-nation event based on the agreement established during the Japan, China and South Korea Culture Ministers’ Meeting. The project selects one city in each of these three countries in which to hold various cultural activities in the fields of contemporary art, traditional arts and the culture of everyday life, aiming to deepen mutual understanding and build a sense of solidarity in the East Asian region, as well as enhancing the ability of intercultural communication. In addition, the cities selected as Culture Cities of East Asia intend to use this opportunity to implement the project on a continuous basis by promoting their cultural peculiarities, arts, creative industries and tourism. (Organised by Executive Committee of “Culture City of East Asia 2017, Kyoto”, Kyoto city and Agency of Cultural Affairs Government of Japan)

About Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2017

The largest scale manga/anime event in western Japan, this fair is held every year in September to promote the Kansai contents industry through initiatives such as acting as a forum to generate business networking between companies in the Kansai region and Tokyo region; creating a market that will foster exceptional young creators in Kansai; and attracting new groups of tourists, including local manga and anime fans, as well as foreigners. This year is the 5th installment of the fair.

*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.