10 years after “In This Corner of the World”

GIGA TOWN in TERA TOWN -a catalog of manga symbols by KONO FUMIYO

2018年11月22日(木) 〜 2019年4月2日(火) 

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is honored to hold an exhibition to introduce “Giga Town: A catalog of manga symbols” (Asahi Shimbun Publications) created by Kono Fumiyo, who is known for “In This Corner of the World” and more.
In the manga, manga symbols, also called mampu in Japanese, are explained by using modernized characters of Choju jimbutsu giga*, one of the national treasures that the “Tera (temple) town=Kyoto”, is very proud of. This exhibition showcases precious original drawings of the manga and it also explains the world of mampu in detail.
*“Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans” emakimono (picture scrolls) from 12th or 13th century, collected by Kosan-ji temple.

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*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.

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