The 7th Treasure TroveMANGA-ful

Welcome to “Small Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful”!!

2020/5/11(Mon) 〜 8/25(Tue) 9/27(Sun)
* We will extend the exhibition period
  • Closures
    Every Wednesday
    June 16 and 18, September 8
    *No closure between July 16 and August 25
  • Venue
    2F In front of executive director's office
  • Fee
  • Organizers
    Kyoto International Manga Museum
    Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center

(From greetings of the exhibition)

“What is Small Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful?”
Some people might have no idea from the title. Let me explain.

The Kyoto International Manga Museum has held a mini exhibition series called “Dai Mangarakuta-kan (Treasure Trove MANGA-ful)” with the aim of “tracing forgotten ancestors of manga to search the roots of contemporary manga”. Aramata Hiroshi, the executive director of the museum, curated the exhibition in the director’s room, here.
The word “Mangarakuta (MANGA-ful treasures)” from the title was coined by Aramata, as a combination of these two words: manga and garakuta (useless things, junk). Of course, he has great respect for “garakuta” and he thinks that they are often as valuable as treasure.

In fact, in some other galleries at the manga museum, there is a temporary exhibition that enlarged the mini exhibition series mentioned above. The exhibition has been named as “Aramata Hiroshi’s Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful” since it is in a bigger scale of “Treasure Trove MANGA-ful”!
To promote “Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful”, we prepared another mini exhibition here, which is named “Small Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful”. Do you get it now?

The exhibition “Aramata Hiroshi’s Grand Treasure Trove MANGA-ful” can be found in galleries 1, 2 and 3 on the 2nd floor. Through the director’s collections and creations, it introduces the life of Aramata Hiroshi, who has discovered and collected things and people that did not get attention from many other people.

The exhibition is composed of 6 sections with the titles of the director’s books: “Manga to jinsei (Manga and Life)”, “Kaiki bungaku daisanmyaku (Mountains of Horror-Fantasy Literature)”, “Aramata bijutsushi (Aramata Art History)”, “Zukan no hakubutsushi (Natural History in Pictorial Books)”, “Kikkai shinshiroku (The Bizzare Who’s Who)” and “Teito monogatari (The Tale of the Imperial Capital)” At this corner, we have showcased part of each section of the exhibition. If you are interested in this corner, you will find many more surprises in galleries 1, 2 and 3!

Kyoto International Manga Museum/
Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center



*Please note that the schedule, performers, and contents are subject to change.

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