[Kamishibai] March Schedule

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai March Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

1 (Sun.)Closure
2 (Mon.) Closure
3 (Tue.) Closure
4 (Wed.) Closure
5 (Thu.) Closure
6 (Fri.) Closure
7 (Sat.) Closure
8 (Sun.) Closure
9 (Mon.) Closure
10 (Tue.) Closure
11 (Wed.) Closure
12 (Thu.) Closure
13 (Fri.) Closure
14 (Sat.) Closure
15 (Sun.) Closure
16 (Mon.) Closure
17 (Tue.) Closure
18 (Wed.) Closure
19 (Thu.) Closure
20 (Fri.) Closure
21 (Sat.) Closure
22 (Sun.) Closure
23 (Mon.) Closure
24 (Tue.) Closure
25 (Wed.) Closure
26 (Thu.) Closure
27 (Fri.) Closure
28 (Sat.) Closure
29 (Sun.) Closure
30 (Mon.) Closure
31 (Tue.) Closure

Hi, Rakkyomu is writing.
What a warmer winter, it is.
Even I’m the one who loves the summer hotness and hates the winter coldness, this winter is endurable, and I miss much colder days. This winter works for me, but I feel like missing something.
Just like to tighten boiled noodles in cold water, I sometimes need some kind of coldness to tighten my mind. Well, sometimes. Reeeeeally sometimes is good.

Thanks to the variety of weather in a year, I can feel every single day meaningful.
Isn’t it the reason why we feel precious of budding spring after snow thawing?
When I was working in agriculture in Nose, Osaka, other farmers said “chopping off buds” instead of just saying budding.
As one neighbor frankly asked me “hey, have you chopped off buds yet!?” for the first time, I got” buds” wrong to imagine of one globally famous astronaut toy’s been chopped off, and I had no idea what he was talking about at the moment.
Now, I get it. It’s a greeting to feel spring’s coming, and this might be how the field has been seeded to run the circle of life.

Our master, Yassan, made his Kamishibai both terrifying and warm.
It’s like winter and spring to bring up one’s life.
With this point of view, his Kamishibai was like a circle of life on this planet. Extremely huge.
But, the hugeness might be good as a target to set.
We feel our hearts get warm during Kamishibai.
I wish hearts of people who join Kamishibai also get warm enough to start chopping off buds.

(Rakkyomu )