A request to our visitors, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (March 3th, 2022)

Those who have cold symptoms such as coughs and who are not feeling well, please do not visit the museum.

"Thank you for your cooperation in the following matters

◆ Admission
•Admission is limited to residents of Kyoto. The Museum will re-open to non-residents from June 19 (Fri)-->
・Please observe cough etiquette, such as wearing a mask inside the building.
<!--・Visitors not wearing a mask will be declined entry to the building.-->
・Your temperature will be measured on entry using a non-contact thermometer. We do not allow entry to visitors with a temperature above 37.5℃ (99.5°F).
・Please enter your contact details by scanning the QR code at the entrance point, and inputting your name and email address. (Optional) You will be contacted if a case of infection at the museum is confirmed.
*When you can not do scanning, fill your information on this paper.

◆ Restrictions on visitor numbers
・In order to prevent the spread of the virus due to a high number of visitors at one time, admission numbers may be restricted.

◆ About washing hands and coughing manners

・Washing hands is recommended as a measure to prevent the epidemic of COVID-19

・When you cough or sneeze, the virus can be spread through droplets. Please be careful to cover your mouth.

◆ About alcohol sanitation

・You can find alcohol sanitizer at a few places at the museum including the entrance. Please feel free to use them.

◆ Measures to prevent infection and spread of the virus

・Please try to maintain distance (1.5 meters) from other visitors when entering the museum, browsing the manga, and viewing exhibitions.

・In the entrance and museums shop, we have placed floor markers to assist in keeping the appropriate distance. Please cooperate in these physical distancing measures.

◆ About ventilation

・Windows and doors will be opened regularly throughout the museum for ventilation. If you are concerned about the cold or heat, please come prepared for this situation.

・It could be loud when we open and close the doors and windows.

◆ About reading seats

・In order to increase the distance between reading seats, please understand that we will reduce the number of seats available.

【Regarding our staff】
◆ Staff health management

・Staff will thoroughly wash their hands, gargle, and conduct temperature measurement for health checks.

◆ Measures to prevent infection and spread of the virus

・Plastic barriers (sneeze guards) will be installed at locations where we interact face-to-face with our visitors, such as the museum entrance and shop. In addition, the museum staff will wear masks and face shields to prevent the spread of infection.

◆ Disinfection and cleaning

・We will frequently disinfect and clean commonly touched surfaces such as elevators and handrails.

◆ Ventilation

・We will periodically ventilate the building.

Please check here for further information regarding the Manga Museum’s service changes.
We hope that you will enjoy your time at the museum safely. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Kyoto International Manga Museum