million smile Artist Schedule(November 2016)

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!
Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!



3 (Thu.) Okayama
4 (Fir.) Okayama
5 (Sat.) Higashino/ Horiguchi itsu
6 (Sun.) Higashino/ Horiguchi itsu
11 (Fri.) Higashino
12 (Sat.) Kasumin/ Tani
13 (Sun.) Higashino/ Kasumin
18 (Fri.) Kasumin
19 (Sat.) Horiguchi itsu/ Kasumin
20 (Sun.) Okayama/ Kasumin
23 (Wed.) Horiguchi itsu
25 (Fri.) Horiguchi itsu
26 (Sat.) Okayama/ Higashino
27 (Sun.) Okayama/ Horiguchi itsu

Hello to the MM blog readers.
I am Kasumin from MM portrait team.
Recently the weather suddenly dropped cold so I’m having difficult time choosing my jacket to go out.
I usually don’t go out so much so when I come to museum it’s always hard for me to predict how the weather will be on the day.
When I think it should be fine to wear a shirt only then I’m freezed on my way home. So I wear a jacket thinking how cold it was the last time, nobody else are wearing jackets on the train.

what do I do?!

I’m sure it’s not just me having issues with this weather. To go out with family, trees haven’t changed the color yet but it’s little bit too cold to go for leisure. It can rain suddenly even if you were dating.
Manga museum is a perfect destination for such time.
You don’t have to walk around wearing high heels, you can read outside at the lawn. If your children get bored of reading, we have workshop and Kamishibai you can participate.
Sunshine will keep you warm while you getting your portrait done where you can look out the window. The portrait corner is less busy compare to summer so you can relax!

November is our anniversary month so please visit us for your memorable visit!

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