[Portrait] August Artist Schedule

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!


Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!



1 (Wed) Higashino Emiko / Kasumin
2 (Thu) Okayama / Kasumin
3 (Fri) Horiguchi itsu / Kasumin
4 (Sat) Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
5 (Sun) Higashino Emiko / Kasumin
6 (Mon) Okayama / Kasumin
7 (Tue) Higashino Emiko / Okayama
8 (Wed) Horiguchi itsu / Kasumin
9 (Thu) Higashino Emiko / Okayama
10 (Fri) Higashino Emiko / Okayama
11 (Sat) Okayama / Kasumin
12 (Sun) Okayama / Kasumin
13 (Mon) Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
14 (Tue) Higashino Emiko / Kasumin
15 (Wed) Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
16 (Thu) Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
17 (Fri) Kasumin / Okayama
18 (Sat) Higashino Emiko / Okayama
19 (Sun) Okayama / Horiguchi itsu
20 (Mon) Okayama / Kasumin
21 (Tue) Okayama / Kasumin
22 (Wed) Okayama
23 (Thu) Higashino Emiko
24 (Fri) Kasumin
25 (Sat) Higashino Emiko / Kasumin
26 (Sun) Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
27 (Mon) Higashino Emiko
28 (Tue) Horiguchi itsu
29 (Wed) Okayama
30 (Thu) Kasumin
31 (Fri) Okayama

Hello from portrait team! I am Kasumin!
How are you in these hot days?
There was earthquake then the rain disaster in Japan. I hope everybody who were affected is recovering.

Manga Museum had to be closed on the days when we had earthquake and the heavy rain but we’ve been fine from the next day and portrait team is drawing as usual!
We are open everyday throughout the summer so I hope I can help making your summer memorable by drawing your portrait.
If you want to make portrait please come early as it’s the busy period. We can be fully booked early in the afternoon.
The final week of August should be less busy I think! I hope I see you this summer!