[Portrait] July Artist Schedule

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!


Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!


3(Sat) Saeki
4(Sun) Okayama
10(Sat) Kasumin
11(Sun) Okayama
17(Sat) Kasumin
18(Sun) Saeki
22(Thu) Okayama
23(Fri) Saeki
24(Sat) Kasumin
25(Sun) Kasumin
3日(Sat) Saeki

Hello, this is Emiko Higashi.


I have something to tell you today.
I am retiring from the Kyoto International Manga Museum on June 20, 2021 (Sun).


Since the opening of the Manga Museum in 2006, we have been able to continue for a long period of about 15 years with the support of many customers.
I am filled with gratitude.
Thank you everyone for a long time.


The activities at the manga museum will end, but I hope to continue caricatures at my own pace.
I don’t have any plans at the moment, but I may be exhibiting at some event and drawing a portrait, so please let me know if you see me ♪


Only one day, June 20th (Sun), will be drawn at the Manga Museum.
It is difficult to say in a loud voice that you should come and visit us, but we are looking forward to your visit with thorough measures to prevent infection and spread of the virus.


From now on, unique Nigaoe artists will continue to play an active role in the manga museum.
Our members look forward to your continued support of the Nigaoe Corner!