So much love to you, Maru-chan

Sakura Momoko who created the well-known manga series “Chibi Maruko-chan”, “COJI COJI” and more has passed away on August 15. She supported us when we held the exhibition “LOVE♥RIBON♥FUROKU An exhibition of supplements to girls’ manga magazine Ribon” by letting us exhibit her valuable original manuscript. Thankfully the exhibition ended successfully with her support as well as others. I feel so numb to hear such news as we were actually preparing for a mini supplement exhibition to respond to public demand.
Here you can see Chibi Maruko-chan’s supplement which was serialized in Ribon magazine. You can see her ability as an illustrator and designer, not just in drawing manga. Many readers bought this issue of Ribon so they can have this supplement.
“Maru-chan, thank you so much for fun works and cute supplements.”
May her soul rest in peace.

We have collected a variety of Sakura’s works. We hope you will take the opportunity to be reminded of some of his great works.

Kyoto International Manga Museum
Text by Kayoko Kuramochi (Researcher)

Sakura Momoko
Born in Shizuoka prefecture, in 1965. She made her debut in Ribon in 1984. “Chibi Maruko-chan” was serialized in 1986, became a national hit after it was made into animated series. Her wide range of talents were appeared in magazine “Fujisan” which she took the role of chief editor, and “Momo no Kanzume” as an essayist apart from her manga works “Kami no Chikara”, “Coji Coji” and more.