About the fire at Kyoto Animation (Fourth report)

It has been almost three weeks since the arson attack on at the animation production company “Kyoto Animation” building on July 18, 2019. Again, we would like to express our condolences and sympathies to all the people who suffered from the arson attack. Even after some time, it is still impossible to repress our deep sorrow and anger in the face of this shocking news.

At Kyoto Seika University, we have been working on education and researching video art expressions, particularly in the animation course from the faculty of manga. Kyoto International Manga Museum, a joint project with Kyoto city, is also managed by the university to contribute to the further development and the succession of anime culture.

Through such activities mentioned above, not a small number of graduates from the university are involved with Kyoto Animation. As the magnitude of the damage from this arson attack becomes clearer, many interested parties including students and graduates are willing to support Kyoto Animation.

From such circumstances, on July 19, we started to collect donations to help repair and renovate Kyoto Animation, which is also related to the succession of anime culture. Since then, numerous people have participated in it.

In addition, Kyoto Animation opened a “bank account for donations”.

<“Gratitude and information about your support” on Kyoto Animation webpage>

As we declared in “About the fire at Kyoto Animation (Fourth report)” on July 30, we have stopped collecting donations at the university on August 2nd, and at Kyoto International Manga Museum on the 4th. We are sincerely grateful for your contributions.

We hereby announce the result of the donations and that we have sent the entire amount of the donations written below to the Kyoto Animation’s bank account mentioned above.

Place Amount (JPY)
 Kyoto Seika University
 (2nd floor of the main building)
 Kyoto International Manga Museum 2,708,828 
 Bank account for donations 844,000 
Total  4,249,003 


Besides the amount above, we have also received foreign currencies: 30 yuan and 5 jiao (China), 520 won (Korea), 64 new Taiwanese dollars (Taiwan), 5 dollars and 86 cents (USA) and 2 euros and 5 cents (Europe). We have sent them to Kyoto Animation as well.


Even from now on, at Kyoto Seika University, we would like to continue supporting Kyoto Animation to the extent possible as a university, such as education or research, to contribute toward the society.

We would like to express our deep gratitude again to all people who supported us for the donations.


August 9, 2019
President of Kyoto Seika University
Oussouby SACKO