《Kamishibai》March Schedule

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai March Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

2 (Thu.)  Ikkyu
3 (Fri.)  Danmaru
4 (Sat.) Rakkyomu
5 (Sun.)  Rakkyomu
6 (Mon.)  Ikkyu
7 (Tue.)  Danmaru
9 (Thu.)  Rakkyomu
10 (Fri.) Rakkyomu
11 (Sat.)  Danamru
12 (Sun.) Danamru
13 (Mon.) Ikkyu
14 (Tue.) Ikkyu
16 (Thu.)  Rakkyomu
17 (Fri.)  Danmaru
18 (Sat.)  Ikkyu
19 (Sun.)  Danamru
20 (Mon.) Rakkyomu
21 (Tue.) Ikkyu
23 (Thu.) Danmaru
24 (Fri.) Rakkyomu
25 (Sat.) Ikkyu
26 (Sun.) Rakkyomu
27 (Mon.) Ikkyu
28 (Tue.) Danmaru
30 (Thu.) Rakkyomu
31 (Fri.) Danmaru 

Hello everybody.
I'm Rakkyomu from Yassan-ichiza.
The heat of summer is bearable,
but the coldness of winter is
somehow unbearable for me for a long time.
Why did human decide to be active
even in this cold freezing season?
Why didn't human take the way of hibernation?
Since when our evolution has been going wrong?
I always want to try the hibernation
just for one time in my life when winter comes.
What kind of dreams
do frogs and bears dream during their hibernation?
They might sleep deeper than us, wrapped in futon,
then feeling like lying on a fluffy cloud
as if they don't know that they are alive or not.
In the Japanese old calendar,
there is a season called 'Keichitsu' in March.
It means the ground gets warm enough
to let snake and frog wake up from their hibernation.
Spring is almost there.
March is  a farewell-month,
but it is also rich in encounter with animals and start of seeding.
Many of you might come to a good timing
on many things to relax your mind.
Please come and visit a Kamishibai room
to make you feel relaxed more.
I'll be waiting in there
with a story of a frog in her hibernation.