[Kamishibai] July Schedule


 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai July Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

1 (Sat.)    Ikkyu
2 (Sun.)   Rakkyomu
3 (Mon.)  Rakkyomu
4 (Tue.)    Danmaru
6 (Thu.)    Danmaru
7 (Fri.)      Rakkyomu
8 (Sat.)     Ikkyu
9 (Sun.)    Ikkyu
10 (Mon.) Danmaru
11 (Tue.)   Rakkyomu
13 (Thu.)   Ikkyu
14 (Fri.)     Rakkyomu
15 (Sat.)    Danmaru
16 (Sun.)   Rakkyomu   
17 (Mon. Holiday)  Rakkyomu
18 (Tue.)    Ikkyu
20 (Thu.)   Rakkyomu
21 (Fri.)      Danmaru
22 (Sat.)     Ikkyu
23 (Sun.)    Ikkyu
24 (Mon.)   Rakkyomu
25 (Tue.)     Rakkyomu
27 (Thu.)     Danmaru
28 (Fri.)       Rakkyomu
29 (Sat.)      Ikkyu
30 (Sun.)     Danmaru   Open-Air Kamishibai
31 (Mon.)    Rakkyomu

When thus rainy season is over,
here comes the real summer.
It’s the season when children become the most powerful.
Power of children easily be stronger than us
if we are not powerful as them.
Quickly, slowly, here and there,
children grow up physically and mentally.
As adults, we are tall enough to grow.
But still, we keep growing up as children to go forward.
Where are we going for?
We are going for our dream.
As we grow up, the dream shrinks.
But there’s the dream
we have been drawing bigger and wider from our childhood.
Because of it, we always grow up.
Because of it, we can be powerful as children.
In summer,
Children grow up.
We want to keep growing up and be bigger.
The summer vacation is just around the corner.
Please come to Kamishibai with full of power!!