[Manga Studio] July Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


(Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
(Sun.) Kojima / Noda
(Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
9 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
15 (Sat.) Kojima / Noda (from 1pm)
16 (Sun.) Kinoshita / Noda
17 (Mon. Holiday) Kojima / Noda
22 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
23 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
29 (Sat.) Kojima / Noda
30 (Sun.) Kojima / Kinoshita 

This is Kinoshita from Manga Studio.

Soon summer holiday is starting in Japan!
It’s the chance for you to start something new.

So this is a sample of how you can finish off your drawing on PC.
From the left, screentone, water color then anime like style.