[Kamishibai] July Schedule

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai July Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

1 (Mon.) Danmaru
2 (Tue.) Rakkyomu
3 (Wed.) closure
4 (Thu) Ikkyu
5 (Fri.) Danmaru
(Sat.) Rakkyomu
(Sun.) Rakkyomu
8 (Mon.) Danmaru
9 (Tue.) Haruru
10 (Wed.) closure
11 (Thu) Danmaru
12 (Fri.) Ikkyu
13 (Sat.) Danmaru
14 (Sun.) Rakkyomu
15 (Mon.)Chaka Maru
16 (Tue.) Haruru
17 (Wed.) Rakkyomu
18 (Thu) Rakkyomu
19 (Fri.) Rakkyomu
20 (Sat.) Ikkyu
21 (Sun.) Ikkyu
22 (Mon.) Ikkyu
23 (Tue.) Rakkyomu
24 (Wed.) Danmaru
25 (Thu) Ikkyu
26 (Fri.) Haruru
27 (Sat.) Ikkyu
28 (Sun.) Rakkyomu
29 (Mon.) Ikkyu
30 (Tue.) Danmaru
31 (Wed.) Haruru

Star lights can’t be seen under the Sun which brightens everyone.
Some lights can be seen only away from cities.
That’s just like your own voice from your true heart that can be heard only away from the crowd.

A night… you may hear even a twinkle of a star, if  you listen carefully.
I hear a sound when drawing alone. Is it a sound of an insect? Yes, it’s a sound of my stomach. 
This is my honest body sound. When this happens, it’s the best to have some cup-ramen. I prostrate myself before salt and carbohydrates.
But then, I regret in the next morning because I feel heavy in the stomach. 
Maybe I didn’t really want to eat it much.
Yeah, maybe that’s the case because breakfast in the next morning with hungry stomach makes you feel much better.

During tanabata season, there are full of wishes from a lot of people.
You sure are the lucky one if you are able to catch your own voice from the middle of your heart.
Wishing you all the special tanabata.