[Kamishibai] September Schedule

 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai September Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

1(Fri.) Rakkyomu
2(Sat.) Ikkyu
3(Sun.) Rakkyomu 
4(Mon.) Danmaru
5(Tue.) Ikkyu
7(Thu.) Danmaru
8(Fri.) Danmaru
9(Sat.) Ikkyu
10(Sun.) Rakkyomu
11(Mon.) Rakkyomu
12(Tue.) Ikkyu
14(Thu.) Ikkyu
15(Fri.) Danmaru
16(Sat.) Danmaru
17(Sun.) Rakkyomu
18(Mon.) Rakkyomu
19(Tue.) Rakkyomu
21(Thu.) Ikkyu
22(Fri.) Ikkyu
23(Sat.) Ikkyu
24(Sun.) Danmaru
25(Mon.) Rakkyomu
26(Tue.) Danmaru
28(Thu.) Ikkyu
29(Fri.) Danmaru
30(Sat.) Rakkyomu

Kamishibai is a communication.  We choose the best words every time judging from the reactions and atmosphere of spectators. 
Even the words are different each time, the spirit we want to show is always the same.  Lighting up spectators’ mind, and making each other ‘s mind so close.  This atmosphere is what we are aiming to create.

As the question-time starts, children put up their hands.
Some are surprised at much energy, and some little children gasp in surprised so they put their hands down.
It’s a battle of all ages.  Adults are welcome of course.  Rather than being attendants or  bystanders, we want adults to participate and enjoy, and show children that you are enjoying your life.
Showing children that the adults’ world is also fun must be adults’ job.
When everybody is excited, the little children start putting hands with quiver for the final easy question.  It is a real big step for the children.
We support the children because this experience may be let children keep their faith of their life.

Ok!  It’s your time!  You are the protagonist now!  Nobody mistakenly answers this, so answer correctly and have a shower of clapping hands!  What’s the answer!?

the child mistakenly answers.
Exactly the wrong answer comes.

It is common that children say more than our expectation, and this is one way how children betray with fun.
And so, we obsess over the children.
Hardly like a soccer ball in the manga “Captain Tsubasa”, we give a lot of hints to the children as if we are saying “the ball is still alive.”
Who can say “it’s over” to children who try to be more courageous?  Some complain that we are playing favorite, so we reply “yes, I’m playing favorite!”
But many others, including children, can’t deny the little children being courageous.  Children know through their theory.
This is how children grow up a slight bit.

Just watching at words, it seems harsh.  Our job is to put spirit into the words.
As well as making some jokes, we, Kamishibai performers are trying to talk heart to heart.
What we treat are words which live.  They might lose their freshness, and be rotten and stinky after everything.
Well, shouldn’t words be like this?
We want to make every Kamishibai special for people in there, at that time. 

The world created by the spectators and us in  Kamishibai.
We are waiting for you in the world of fresh Kamishibai.