[Manga Studio] August Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


(Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
(Sun.) Kojima / Noda
10 (Thu.) Kojima / Noda
11 (Fri.) Kojima / Kinoshita
12 (Sat.) Kojima / Noda 
13 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
14 (Mon.) Kojima / Kinoshita
15 (Tue.) Kojima / Noda
16 (Wed.) Kinoshita / Noda
19 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita 
20 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
26 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita 
27 (Sun.) Kojima / Kinoshita 


Hi! How is your summer so far?
Many events are held in the summer everywhere.
I’ve experienced my first music festival!
Manga can express such experiences even if it’s not a fun memory for you.
I lost a towel I just bought at the festival but that’s also a good material for the manga!
I hope you have great summer to make your great manga!!