[Portrait] August Artist Schedule

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!


Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!


1 (Tue.)    Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
3 (Thu.)   Kasumin / Higashino Emiko
4 (Fri.)     Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
(Sat.)    Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
(Sun.)   Okayama / Higashino Emiko
7 (Mon.)   Kasumin / Higashino Emiko
8 (Tue.)   Okayama / Horiguchi itsu
9 (Wed.)   Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
10 (Thu.) Kasumin / Okayama
11 (Fri.)    Okayama / Higashino Emiko
12 (Sat.)    Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
13 (Sun.)   Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
14 (Mon.)   Okayama / Horiguchi itsu
15 (Tue.)   Okayama / Kasumin
16 (Wed.)   Kasumin / Higashino Emiko
17 (Thu.)   Okayama / Higashino Emiko
18 (Fri.)    Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
19 (Sat.)   Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
20 (Sun.)    Kasumin
21 (Mon.)   Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
22 (Tue.) Kasumin / Okayama
24 (Thu.)   Horiguchi itsu
25 (Fri.)    Okayama
26 (Sat.) Okayama / Higashino Emiko until 4pm
27 (Sun.)    Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
28 (Mon.)   Higashino Emiko
29 (Tue.)    Okayama
31 (Thu.)   Kasumin

Gion Festival has been held in Kyoto.
I was at the museum drawing many portraits!
Portrait section will be open throughout August for the summer holiday.
Usually museum closes on Wednesday but we are open on the 9th and 16th.
If you want to do portrait at the museum, you should book in the morning (you can make your reservation from 11am) as we can be booked up quickly.
You can re-enter with your ticket throughout the day!
I look forward to drawing your portrait!