[Manga Studio] February Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


(Sat.) Kinoshita / Noda
(Sun.) Kinoshita / Noda
10 (Sat.) Not open
11 (Sun.) Noda
12 (Mon.) Kinoshita / Noda
17 (Sat.) Kinoshita
18 (Sun.) Kinoshita / Noda
24 (Sat.) Kinoshita / Noda
25 (Sun.) Kinoshita

I am Eiyu Kojima from Manga Studio!

Let me introduce you my personal works this time.

I worked on bigger piece that uses Japanese traditional doors. The story starts from right
and left side ends at the center.
I actually made this work for my own exhibition but now you can see them at the museum!
Please take a look when you visit us!