《Manga Studio》 Schedule (December)

☆Manga Studio Schedule☆

3(Sat)   Kojima / Noda
4(Sun)  Kojima / Noda
10(Sat)   Kojima / Kinoshita
11(Sun)  Kojima / Noda
17(Sat)   Kojima
18(Sun)  Kojima / Noda
23(Fri・Holiday) Kojima / Kinoshita
24(Sat)   Kojima / Kinoshita
25(Sun)  Kojima / Noda

A month left for this year.
Thank you very much for visiting Manga Studio and Editor’s Desk this year.

You can come and watch manga creation at the museum on Sat., Sun. and public holidays.
You can of course talk to us too.

Please visit us!!



(Noda Yoko)