Shop information for the “Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara”


How are you these days? As usual, I’m having hay fever for the spring.
This year I’ve started going to doctor so I hope I won’t get worth than now..!

So, today I want to share the products we have in the shop for the Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara(until May 14th)!



 This is the section for it!

We made separated areas for the exhibited artists!
There are limits for some items so please come and check!

 ☆Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara/¥1800 (excluding tax)
This is the official catalog for the exhibition!


We of course have more items not only for the exhibitions we have in the museum!
We will be waiting for your visit!!