[Portrait] July Artist Schedule

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!


Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!



1 (Sun) Okayama / Horiguchi itsu
2(Mon)Horiguchi itsu
3 (Tue) Kasumin
5 (Thu) Higashino Emiko
6 (Fri) Okayama
7 (Sat)  Higashino Emiko
8 (Sun)   Okayama / Kasumin
9 (Mon) Okayama
10 (Tue) Okayama
12 (Thu) Horiguchi itsu
13 (Fri) Kasumin
14 (Sat)  Higashino Emiko
15 (Sun)  Kasumin / Higashino Emiko
16 (Mon) Okayama
17 (Tue) Kasumin
18 (Wed) Horiguchi itsu
19 (Thu) Okayama
20 (Fri) Higashino Emiko
21 (Sat)  Kasumin / Horiguchi itsu
22 (Sun)  Higashino Emiko / Horiguchi itsu
23 (Mon) Kasumin
24 (Tue) Okayama
25 (Wed) Higashino Emiko
26 (Thu) Kasumin
27 (Fri) Horiguchi itsu
28 (Sat)  Horiguchi itsu / Higashino Emiko
29 (Sun)  Higashino Emiko / Kasumin
30 (Mon) Horiguchi itsu
31 (Tue) Okayama

Hi! I am Higashino from portrait team!
How are you these days?

My recent story is… I finally started liking Natto!
I’ve been eating a pack a day.
I add black sesame seeds and black vinegar(^o^)

Portrait section will be open everyday apart from when museum closes during summer.

Museum will be open everyday from the end of July too so you can come any day!

I recommend you to make appointment with us before you go around museum as it will be the busy period.
You can simply come back at the booked time.

We are taking reservation from 11am at the portrait space.

I hope to see you soon!