How to enjoy the “Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara”

“Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara” has officially started!

This exhibit is structured so that it spans the entire museum. So that you don’t miss out of any of it, I’ll introduce a few examples from the exhibit. 

The exhibit is split into three sections 1・2・3 across the second floor, and first floor atrium.
After entering the museum and passing through the shop, head to the second floor using either the elevator of the stairs. Then please make your way to gallery 3 on the second floor.

When using the elevator on the first floor.

When using the stairs, come this way.

After exiting the elevator, you will see this large tapestry. Turn right here.

Go to the room at the very back of the hallway.

↑↑This is the entrance to the first section of the exhibition.

Tezuka Osamu, called the godfather of manga, was once himself a fan of manga too. He got his start by drawing parodies and submitting them to manga publishers. In manga’s history the acts of “Reading”, ”drawing”, “presenting” and “collecting” were constantly carried out, and although media might change, these things are still being carried out today. Please enjoy looking through original works etc of 5 artists from the Tokiwaso period.


So now you can head off to the second section which locates at the Gallery 2.
(You go back the hallway)


There are two ways to enter but the eight side with “Golgo 13” illustration is the right entrance.
You can enjoy the 8 artists’ original manuscripts at this section. There are panels of  Tanaka Keiichi analyzing the manga artistic expressions too so you can enjoy this exhibition even more.

Not only that, you can take photos at this section!

You also can see how the expressions on the “Lines” have changed from analog to digital in the history as well as the exhibits on the ceiling. Don’t miss them!


(Looking up the ceiling)


With the mark of the picture above, those materials can be read at the Research Reference Room on the 3rd floor on Tue., Fri. and Sunday.


>>About the Research Reference Room


At the end of the second section you will see the “Yotsubato!”. Duralumin that appears in the story can be touched and it will make a sound as you shake it gently.


The third section is located at the first floor atrium hall. Find your way with the phoenix.

This section focuses on the today’s “drawing”.
You can see the real time submissions for the pixiv on the screen.

You can work on the digital tools like pen tablets and ComiPo! This area is also the workshop area for the weekend so you should experience drawing!

About the Petit Manga Artist Experience -“Exhibtion: Drawing Manga!” ver.-

Also the magazine “Nakayoshi” covers in the past 50 years are displayed in the Main Gallery on the second floor.


Museum shop on the first floor has many items including the official catalog!


This exhibition went around Japan and Manga Museum is the final venue.
Please visit us for the last chance!


>>About the Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara