《Kamishibai》April Schedule

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Kamishibai March Schedule・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

1 (Sat.) Danmaru
2 (Sun.)  Ikkyu
3 (Mon.)  Rakkyomu
4 (Tue.)  Rakkyomu
6(Thu.)  Danmaru
7 (Fri.)   Rakkyomu
8 (Sat.)  Rakkyomu
9 (Sun.) Danamru
10 (Mon.) Rakkyomu
11 (Tue.) Ikkyu
13 (Thu.)  Rakkyomu
14 (Fri.)  Danmaru
15 (Sat.)  Danmaru
16 (Sun.)  Ikkyu
17 (Mon.) Ikkyu
18 (Tue.) Danmaru
20 (Thu.) Ikkyu
21 (Fri.) Danmaru
22 (Sat.) Rakkyomu
23 (Sun.) Ikkyu
24 (Mon.) Rakkyomu
25 (Tue.) Ikkyu
27 (Thu.) Rakkyomu
28 (Fri.) Danmaru
29 (Sat.) Ikkyu
30 (Sun.) Danmaru

The blooming season, April.
Lots of Freshman in their new suits walk forwards
Kamishibai performers, or Kamishibaists, is like owning company for their own.

The beginning of walking this way as Kamishibaists,
Those people in suits made me nervous
and concerned whether this way was right or wrong.

"Absolution" is getting out of its rule, today.
Every way is hard to go on to live,
So, the way we'll go on is this Kamishibai way to live.
At each Kamishibai, laughter from children make the nervous feelings away.
Now, we go on against others, and feel "this is the way I live!"
Children's smiling face give me confidence on Kamishibai.  Sometimes, we feel low by watching their reaction.  Here at Manga Museum, we are getting stronger and more tough every time.

The way of Kamishibai.  The way full of unexpectation.
We believe in this way, so we go straight toward.