[Manga Studio] April Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


1 (Sat.) Kojima/Noda
2 (Sun.) Kinoshita
8(Sat.) Kinoshita
9 (Sun.) Noda 
15(Sat.) Kojima/Noda
16 (Sun.) Noda
22(Sat.) Kojima/Kinoshita
23 (Sun.) Kojima/Noda
29(Sat.) Kojima/Noda
30 (Sun.) Kojima/Noda

I am Kinoshita from Manga Studio!
Spring is the new beginning of the year in Japan.
Meeting new people, new school and new work…!
If you feel little tired come and treat yourself by immersing yourself into the manga world!
If you visit us for the weekend we have events, workshop and of course Manga Studio!
You will be able to learn about “drawing” as well as the exhibition “Exhibition: Drawing Manga! –Lines, Panels, Kyara”!