[Manga Studio] June Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆

[June] 3 (Sat.) Kojima / Noda (from 1pm)
(Sun.) Kojima / Kinoshita
10 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
11 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
17 (Sat.) Kojima / Noda (from 1pm)
18 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
24 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
25 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda


Rainy season is nearly there.
Manga Museum is very close from the station so it’s easy to access on the rainy days too!

Today I am sharing this drawing!
“How to draw hair styles”!!
Many people ask me how to draw hair so if you want to see the way I draw please visit us!