[Manga Studio] October Artist Schedule

☆Manga Studio Artist Schedule☆


(Sun.) Kojima / Noda
(Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
9  (Mon. Holiday) Kojima / Noda
14 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
15 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
21 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
22 (Sun.) Kojima / Noda
28 (Sat.) Kojima / Kinoshita
29 (Sun.) Kojima / Kinoshita

This is Kinoshita from Manga Studio.
Autumn has arrived in Kyoto.
I don’t like hot weather so this is a good season for me.

So the season of food arrived here at the Manga Museum too.

COOKING PAPA Travel Eat Cook is one of the current exhibitions.
You can see Ueyama Tochi’s original drawings from early period as well as you can enjoy the food manga.
Please visit museum and Manga Studio this autumn!