[Portrait] June Artist Schedule

Why don’t you get your portrait done at the MM?
The artists will draw and talk to you in person!


Please come to Million Smile for your memory of visit!



1 (Sat) Kasumin
2 (Sun) Okayama / Emiko
3 (Mon) Emiko
4 (Tue) Okayama
6 (Thu) Okayama
7 (Fri) Emiko
8 (Sat) Saeki
9 (Sun) Emiko / Kasumin
10 (Mon) Okayama
14 (Fri) Okayama
15 (Sat) Emiko
16 (Sun) Emiko / Kasumin
17 (Mon) Okayama
18 (Tue) Emiko
20 (Thu) Emiko
21 (Fri) Kasumin
22 (Sat) Saeki
23 (Sun) Okayama / Saeki
24 (Mon) Kasumin
25 (Tue) Kasumin
27 (Thu) Kasumin
28 (Fri) Okayama
29 (Sat) Saeki
30 (Sun) Kasumin / Saeki

Hello! I am Emiko from portrait team!
There was a big Japanese holiday called golden week, I spent the most days making portraits at the event and manga museum.
I saw many people being relaxed reading manga outside on the lawn on the sunny days at the end of golden week.
Come and read outside before the rainy season!