Takemiya Keiko 50th Anniversary Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” -exhibition goods!

Hello! From Museum shop!!

It has been a good season coming these days!
When the weather is good, we provide bean bag chairs on the ground of the museum.
Why don’t you go outside and enjoy manga on the ground?


By the way, we are holding an exhibition “Takemiya Keiko 50th Anniversary Exhibition –Kaleidoscope-“.


This is our museum shop☆

And this is the section of special goods for “Takemiya Keiko 50th Anniversary Exhibition –Kaleidoscope-“.

There are lots of beautiful post cards!
I can’t pick up only just one.

There are also clear files and sets of post cards and of clear files.
If you buy one set, you have all of the post cards or clear files in it.

There are two kinds of Goshuin-cho, which is a special stamp holder.
Why don’t you go sightseeing with this stamp holder to temples and shrines in Kyoto to get their special stamps on the holder!

Of course, we have her manga books, books of painting, and essay written by her as well.

In addition, during this exhibition period, you can buy her Genga’(Dash), which is an elaborate reproduction of an original manga manuscript though the use of computerized fine color adjustment and printing. 
Please feel free to ask us about how to buy these, what kind of works they are and etc.

For further information about the exhibition, please click HERE!!☆

We are looking forward to your visitヽ(^。^)ノ